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Therapy For Couples of All Ages and Stages

We assist couples in every stage; from dating, to short or long term relationships, premarital counselling, and those married or living together. We proudly serve couples of all sexualities and gender pairings. If you’re experiencing relationship issues, you’re not alone. Many couples at some point in their relationship may experience conflict-prone communication, emotional distance, frequent arguments, fighting about the same things repeatedly, feeling unheard and unseen by their partner, feeling like roommates instead of partners, lack of trust and intimacy, staying together just for the sake of the kids, as well as contemplating breakup, separation or divorce. Navigate these relational complexities alongside an expert that equally listens to all sides and provides impartial guidance. 

Ready To Recenter Love In Your Life?

In sessions, we engage in several evidence based exercises designed to repair and restore friendship, trust and intimacy. Exercises in session may include: building rituals of connection, having stress reducing conversations, understanding communication styles which can be counterproductive and replacing them with harmonious communication styles, exploring dreams within conflict, finding shared meaning, effectively comprimising, arguing fairly, and reconciling after major arguments.

There is homework with individual and couples based exercises designed to complement the material taught and practiced in session. Enhance your ability to communicate with tolerance, patience and empathy. Restore fondness and admiration through active listening and effective conflict resolution.

These exercises are personalized & are also beneficial to couples who are not experiencing specific issues but are simply seeking to deepen and enhance their understanding and communication within their relationship. No matter what your relational goals are, working with a professionally trained couples specialist is the best way to reach them.

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Frequent & Repetitive Arguments

Persistent conflicts can reflect deeper relational patterns and unmet needs that need to be explored and resolved for a healthier partnership.

Emotional Distance & Lack of Intimacy

Weakened emotional connection, where partners may struggle to share feelings, express affection, or maintain a close, empathetic bond, often lead to a sense of isolation within the relationship.

Lack of or Damaged Trust

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship and is crucially addressed. Trust issues may stem from infidelity, secrecy, or inconsistencies, leading to insecurity and instability in the partnership.

Feeling Unheard & Unseen

Indicating a breakdown in communication and validation, where one or both partners feel their thoughts, feelings, or needs are disregarded or minimized, eroding the sense of mutual respect.

Contemplating Separation

Signals a critical point where partners question their future together due to deep-rooted issues and dissatisfaction within the relationship, and consider the possibility of parting ways as a solution to unresolved conflicts and unhappiness.

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