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Have you lost the joy & enthusiasm in living life?

Depression is felt as a persistent feeling of sadness, as well as a loss of pleasure or interest in previously enjoyed activities for long periods of time. It can impact relationships with family and friends, and cause issues at work, in school and in the community.  In addition, individuals with depression may experience a lack of motivation, energy, willpower, and optimism. They may withdraw from their loved ones and increase isolation, which results in a spiraling downward cycle of experiencing more depression. This can lead to more compounding effects such as lack of sleep and irregular eating patterns. There’s no part of life not affected by depression once it works its way into an invidiual’s psyche.

Reignite & Reinvigorate Your Look On Life

Our treatment of depression involves a multifaceted approach, utilizing Psychodynamic therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), and mindfulness interventions. These methodologies are instrumental in fostering self-awareness and understanding the deep-seated causes of depressive emotions. We delve into unconscious core beliefs, usually formed from childhood experiences, that often limit a person’s potential and bring these to conscious awareness for analysis and modification.

Our goal is to reignite that spark of vitality, enthusiasm, and passion. Through our sessions, we aim to rediscover joy in your daily activities and feel more positive about yourself and your relationships.

We work together to help you look forward to the little things that bring happiness, and to engage with others in a way that is uplifting and fulfilling. As therapy progresses, the goal is to start feeling more hopeful about the future and confident that you can achieve your goals.

Depression Specialists For Long Term Resolution of Symptoms

Lack of Energy & Willpower

Feeling constantly drained and lacking the motivation, strength, or concentration necessary to engage in daily activities or pursue goals.

Hopelessness About The Future

Struggles to envision a positive or fulfilling life ahead, feeling trapped in a cycle of negative expectations and beliefs about what lies ahead.

Changes In Sleep & Appetite

Excessive sleeping or insomnia, and increased or decreased appetite, can significantly affect overall health and well-being.

Isolation From People & Activities

Self-imposed isolation contributes to a cycle of loneliness and exacerbates the feelings of sadness and detachment.

High Guilt & Low Self-Esteem

May harshly criticize themselves over perceived faults and mistakes, leading to a persistent sense of worthlessness and inadequacy.

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